The word ‘hormone’ gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to female reproductive health. Hormones are essentially our little chemical messengers that act on target cells to tell them what to do such as hunger cues, blood sugar regulation and regulating our menstrual cycle. Hormones do super important jobs for our body so it’s important we reward them with the best support we can!


 Quick nutrition tips to live by:

  • Don’t cut out healthy fats! Hormones thrive off dietary fats such as avocado, eggs, oily fish, grass-fed meat, nuts and seeds, as they are needed for there production. They are also associated with preventing anovulation, a menstrual cycle without the release of an egg.
  • Build macronutrient balanced plates i.e., protein, carbs & fats. This will regulate and reduce blood glucose levels to stop glucose spikes that hormones disagree with. Remember to choose lower GI carbs with high dietary fibre to slow the release of glucose.
  • Stick to whole REAL foods. Packaged foods are usually higher GI and lower in nutrient density. Everything in moderation.
  • Last but not least don’t be a breakfast skipper! Missing the first major meal of the day is shown to elevate circulating cortisol – our stress hormone. Going long periods without eating is stress inducing which our hormones, especially our sex hormones, do not jive with.


It may take a bit more effort to nourish yourself well in the morning, but its 100% worth it. Try these 3 breakfast ideas to have on rotation for happy hormones.


Eggs and Avo on Sourdough
Super simple yet super nutrient dense.
2 free-range eggs for protein + Avocado Sourdough toast for carbs and fats + topped with hemp seeds.
Add a little fruit on the side for added fibre!
Protein Rich Porridge
Traditional porridge topped with honey is a little high in the glucose department. So, by adding protein and fats this slows the release of energy.
Oats + Active Collagen + organic milk/coconut milk + chia/flax/hemp seeds + topped with berries, pumpkin seeds & nut butter. Sometimes a boiled egg on the side for added protein after a morning workout.
Easy-As Pancake/Sweet Omelette
Full of protein, essential fats and low GI carbs.
1 ripe mashed banana + 1/3 cup rolled oats + 2 free-range eggs + cinnamon + 1 tsp flaxseed meal & chia seeds + scoop of Active Collagen
Beat all together and cook as you would normal pancakes in a little coconut oil or grass-fed butter, either as one omelette or smaller pancakes. My favourite toppings are kefir, cashew butter and blueberries.





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