About Us

Active Collagen was created from the belief that health and happiness are inextricably linked. 

Our goal as an organisation is to create and deliver the purest, most effective health products through nature, science and innovation. 

In order to live our best life a healthy body and healthy mindset are essential. 

We only use bioavailable active ingredients, proven to deliver real, visible results. Active Collagen - Active ingredients. 

We continue to be inspired by self-care and feeling our best everyday, from the inside out.

Engineered to Thrive

 Clean Collagen.

Active Collagen offer only clean collagen that contain all-natural cattle hides, completely free of GMOs. Unlike other manufacturers, our manufacturers offer specific product origins and certifications and test them in-house for additional confirmation. 

The biggest reason why 100% organic collagen supplements don’t really exist is due to the inorganic processes involved with making collagen. Most collagen manufacturers use old, produced gelatin and chemical processes involving peroxides, acids or bleach to create their collagen powders or supplements. Our manufacturers use entirely separate processes designed to eliminate these chemicals. The process behind making Active Collagen eliminates these chemicals and instead uses unrefined acids (like what you would find in a lemon or lime) to create pure, natural collagen products. Additionally, our collagen is meticulously tested after production by third-party labs to ensure that they’re not contaminated with any amount of impurities, such as hormones or GMOs.


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