There are many boxes to check when it comes to finding a kick-ass collagen supplement and having added vitamin C is one of them. Vitamin C is often regarded as an immune boosting vitamin, especially as of late, however did you know that vitamin C boosts collagen production?

The rundown: our skin is the main barrier and protection from the external environment. The appearance of our skin is usually the first reflection of our health and signs of aging. Collagen is a major protein component in the skin giving it strength and elasticity whilst keeping it hydrated and full. As our bodies naturally age they also naturally stop producing as much collagen due to factors such as UV exposure, stress and poor diet. Vitamin C is found in the skin as an antioxidant, defending against oxidative damage from UV light and is a key ingredient for – you guessed it - the synthesis of collagen.

Nutrition and skin health go hand in hand and a vitamin C deficiency can be mirrored in the skin. A deficiency is associated with prolonged or poor wound healing and easy bruising, which are both associated with suboptimal collagen production. Our body relies on our intake of vitamin C to reach appropriate levels as it cannot be self-made. The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends 45mg of vitamin C daily and, thankfully, this is super easy to achieve through your diet.


Generally, we get most of our vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.

  • citrus fruits
  • kiwi
  • papaya
  • guava
  • berries
  • tomatoes
  • bell peppers
  • cruciferous vegetables- broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower
  • white and sweet potato

Having a steady intake of vitamin C throughout the day will do wonders for your body’s collagen production. At Active Collagen we’ve made it easy for you to trust we check the vitamin C box as well as other kick-ass vitamins like biotin in our reliable Active Collagen All-In-One powder. For optimal collagen benefits choose a collagen with added vitamin C!




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