Active Cycle Hot Chocolate

$65.00 AUD

Active Cycle Vanilla Hot Chocolate is our medicinal hot chocolate powder, specially formulated to support and replenish the female body during our menstrual cycle. Active Cycle works to nourish the body by replenishing the key vitamins and minerals we lose during our monthly cycle but is safe to use all year around as a nutritionally formulated hot chocolate with 12 different vitamins and minerals that is sugar free and only 65 calories per serve. 



Peruvian cacao powder (organic), cocoa powder,
coconut milk powder, magnesium amino acid chelate, HiFat
MCT powder, L-Glycine, natural dark chocolate flavour,
L-Leucine, natural vanilla flavour, acerola berry powder, organic
vanilla bean, guava leaf extract (4% zinc), ashwagandha,
Ferroplant (Curry Leaf Extract) (Organic iron), Panmol Natural
B Complex US100 (Organic), Silicon Dioxide, St Marys Thistle
Powder, Stevia.

did you know?

Balance Your Body

Many of the reasons why we crave sugary foods during this time has a lot to do with the essential nutrients we’re losing and subsequently an imbalance in our hormones as a result of the depletion of nutrients. Key ingredients in Active Cycle address and replenish what our bodies lose during this time for added energy, to rebalance hormones, relieve cramping and help you sleep better. Our formulation contains zero sugar, which allows you to control your sugar intake, add your desired amount - and use the sweetener of your choice. Unlike other products Active Cycle allows you to control your blood sugar levels which makes it suitable for everyone including diabetics.

Key Ingredients

Magnesium: Supports hormones in so many ways, nurtures adrenals, helps to lower inflammation and bloating and is a muscle relaxant to support and ease cramping during our period.

Vitamin C: Important for energy production and our bodies absorption of other nutrients.

Zinc & Iron: These are two key nutrients that are depleted during our period which contribute to low energy, lethargy, and skin breakouts.

Milk thistle: Our liver during our period excretes a large amount of toxins during our period. Milk thistle supports the liver function and helps our body to rid itself of toxins being released during our period.

B Vitamins: Energy!

Folate: This helps balance our mood and is a key nutrient needed whilst on ourcycle.

Leucine & Glycine: Promotes a better nights sleep, aids in fat loss, and stabalizes blood sugar levels

Ashwagandha: Best known for its ability to reduce stress.

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