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Our All-In-One Collagen Powder is formulated to deliver firmer skin, thicker hair and stronger nails. Our formulation is sugar-free with added Vitamin C, Silica, and Biotin and developed by leading nutritional therapists. Active Collagen is Australian made using bioactive collagen peptides hydrolysed down to the lowest molecular weight for maximum absorption, clinically proven to achieve 90% absorption. Hydrolysed collagen peptides bypass the liver and go straight to your bloodstream, making ingestible collagen far more effective at retaining collagen and hydration within the skin. As we age the skin loses 1-2% collagen every year. 

Gluten free -Sugar free- Preservative free- Dairy free- Sustainably sourced. 

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Collagen - Bovine (Verisol B), Silicon Dioxide, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Stevia RbA (Certified Organic), Vanilla Bean Powder, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin.

did you know?

Bioactive Collagen Peptides

are an essential protein in the human body. It is well known that the human body consists largely of water. Proteins are another major component. Whether referring to the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, skin, bones and even most hormones and enzymes that are indispensable for metabolism – it is always the proteins that provide their structure and function.

It’s not just the skin that consists of collagen.

With a presence of approximately 30%, collagen is the most frequently found protein in the human body and therefore the most important component of human connective tissue. This extraordinary protein is also the central building block of the bones, joints, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, fasciae, and many other tissues and structures.

Ingredients Come First

Our Benefit-Packed Formula

Active Collagen has integrated Vitamin C, for its antioxidant benefits, immune support, and additionally, It helps the body to naturally produce collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters. Biotin and Silica have also been added for their proven benefits in supporting the natural production of hair, nails and the maintenance of healthy, youthful skin.

Consistency is key

Easy to Use

We recommend adding a scoop of Active Collagen to your favorite smoothie, morning coffee, or even any baked goods for an easy boost of nutrients! If you stop taking collagen regularly, the body’s production of collagen will slowly revert back to its natural rate.

One scoop of Active Collagen (5.8g) gives you 5g of pure collagen peptides with added vitamin c, silica, and biotin.

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