With the start of December, Australians brace for the wrath of the relentless summer sun. Summers in Australia are notorious for being extremely hot, and the harsh summer sun is bad news for your skin. 

Research shows that summer environments can dehydrate the skin, making wrinkles and fine lines much more prominent. If you want to know how you can prevent wrinkles using Active Collagen All in One this summer, then we suggest you keep reading.

The effects of collagen degradation on skin aging

Collagen degradation is one of the major reasons why your skin ages. As humans age, their collagen production naturally goes down (it degrades). Collagen degradation speeds up the aging process in the following ways:

Reduced fullness of the skin: As collagen levels drop with age, you will start to notice your skin becoming more hollow in the cheeks region and under the eyes. Skin hollowness causes you to appear older. 

Sagging skin: Another major effect of collagen degradation on skin aging is in the form of loss of elasticity. Since collagen is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, as collagen production goes down, you will notice an increase in skin sagging.

Skin dehydration: Loss of skin collagen is associated with skin thinning and dehydration. This is why the fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable as you grow older.

Summer only makes aging and collagen degradation worse by further dehydrating the skin. Therefore, it becomes important to take steps to fulfill any collagen deficiencies in your skin.

The effects of sunlight on skin aging

Exposure to the harsh sun can be detrimental to your skin. Sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays that can alter cellular DNA. 

As a result, you start to notice an increase in wrinkling, and pigmentation of the skin can also speed up. All-in-all, overexposure to strong summer sun is only going to speed up the aging process. 

How does this result in premature aging?

There are two major types of aging, one is intrinsic aging which is inevitable and starts at a certain age and then there is extrinsic aging which happens as a result of external factors such as summer heat.

Since we have already established that summer heat and sun exposure can cause wrinkling, if you live in a hot climate such as Australia, you are at risk of extrinsic aging. 

Luckily, it is possible to control extrinsic aging resulting from the summer heat, and collagen is your best friend when it comes to fighting signs of aging. 


How Active Collagen All in One can help support your skin during summer

While it is important to maintain a healthy collagen intake throughout the year, it becomes even more important in summer. Here is how collagen can help support your skin during summer:


Maintaining skin hydration: As mentioned earlier, the summer heat can leave your skin dehydrated. Active Collagen All-In-One can restore collagen levels and help lock moisture in the skin to prevent skin dryness.


Reduces skin discoloration: Since sun exposure during summer can cause skin pigmentation, and pigmentation can be a sign of sun damage, which makes collagen essential during summer to promote skin repair. As Active Collagen All in One helps repair the layers of your skin, you will notice skin discoloration fade away over time.


Fighting wrinkles: Fine lines and wrinkles are a major cause of concern for women above the age of 30, and this is because around this time you will stop producing as much collagen. Since summer increases the risk of developing wrinkles, using products such as Active Collagen All-In-One can help boost collagen and retain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.


Summer is the perfect time to start using Active Collagen All-In-One and give your skin a fighting chance against the summer heat. By maintaining your daily intake you can fight to keep wrinkles away all year round. 

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