Anti-aging products are making big claims about the effectiveness of their formulas. Some claim to reduce wrinkles, while others go so far as to claim that they can reverse aging altogether. However, not many anti-aging formulas contain collagen, which is one impressive scientifically proven ingredient that can actually help fight aging. Here’s how.


Collagen works best when used with other supporting ingredients such as vitamin C, Silica, and biotin, which help improve collagen metabolism and absorption.


So if you are looking for the perfect anti-aging formula to help fight signs of aging, then these ingredients are what you need to look for.


When looking for a formula that works it is also important to look for one that is sugar free. Both of these can be damaging to your skin instead of improving skin health. In fact, excess sugar intake can accelerate aging. Want to know more about the best formula for fighting signs of aging? Keep reading to find out more.


Benefits of collagen, vitamin C, silica, and biotin as anti-aging ingredients

We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a formula that contains complimentary nutrients that support collagen production, as well as containing zero sugars. When you combine collagen, vitamin C, silica, and biotin in a sugar free formula, you have one very exciting and promising anti-aging product. With that said, here are some benefits each individual ingredient mentioned has to offer:


Collagen: Collagen is an anti-aging superstar ingredient. Aging can slow down collagen production, and that is where a collagen-rich formula can help replenish collagen levels in your skin and fight signs of aging. Collagen is also known to improve skin elasticity and hydration, which further reduces the effects of aging on your skin.


Vitamin C: Vitamin C and collagen are both found in the skin, so you can expect significant anti-aging benefits by combining vitamin C and collagen together in a formula. Not to mention vitamin C aids in collagen production, making it a key weapon in your fight against signs of aging.


Silica: Silica is another major nutrient that goes into collagen production, and it makes sense why it is a part of the perfect anti-aging formula. Not to mention that silica has been long used to improve skin elasticity, making it an essential skincare ingredient.


Biotin: Biotin plays a key role in maintaining and repairing the mucous membrane of the skin and supports the metabolism of fats used in the skin. In short, it is great for support a strong skin barrier and building hydration.


Why should you go with sugar, gluten, and dairy-free products?

If you are already fighting skin-related issues, you may want to reconsider using sugar, dairy or gluten-based products. The negative impacts of gluten, sugar and dairy on human skin has long been suspected. Recently, one study has provided some evidence of the link between sugar and acne. So if your skin is already suffering from skin problems including signs of aging, it is best to try products that don’t contain these ingredients. We also recommend if making any drastic changes to your overall diet to speak with a health professional first.



Since our collagen-based formula Active Collagen contains no sugar, dairy or gluten, and does contain silica, biotin and vitamin C, it puts it ahead of many other products on the market and may be the perfect anti-aging product for you. Buy here today!


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