If you like to care for yourself, especially your skin, you have probably heard of collagen at least once. If you haven’t, collagen is one product you need to learn more about.


There are more than 20 different types of collagen found in your body. However, if your goal is to keep your skin healthy, then the collagen that makes up the surface-level structures of your body, specifically the skin, is what you should be interested in.

When your skin is healthy, it regenerates itself every 27 days. With that said, as you age, the regeneration process slows down, and you need help to keep the skin regeneration process going.


Here’s some help with that.


Benefits of collagen supplements for your skin

Collagen supplements can offer some huge benefits for your skin. Without further ado, here are some key benefits of using collagen supplements:


Helps produce other proteins: Collagen is an important protein in itself, but it also aids in the production of other proteins in the body such as elastin and fibrillin which help improve overall skin health. So, by maintaining a healthy collagen intake, you can make sure your body has the raw material to produce other types of essential proteins on its own.


Reduce fine lines: As mentioned earlier, when the skin regeneration process slows down, fine lines start to appear, which is a major sign of aging. However, collagen supplements help reduce wrinkling by restoring normal levels of collagen and supporting the dermal matrix of the skin, which in turn makes it stronger, thicker and plumper.


Improve skin hydration: Skin dehydration is another major sign of aging that results in reduced skin elasticity. When collagen production slows down with age, the skin is unable to retain enough moisture. Collagen supplements can help fight skin dehydration and restore its elasticity, so you never have to worry about cracking and dry skin ever again.



Choosing the right collagen supplement for you

Now that you know what collagen is and what it does, the next question pops up: how do you ensure you have the right collagen supplement? As long as you know about the different collagen supplements available in the market, you can choose the best one for your needs. There are three major types of collagen supplements available on the market, and here is how you can choose between them:


Bovine collagen powder: This collagen supplement comes from cows by boiling cow bones and then drying the final product into a powdered form. Bovine collagen powder is designed to help strengthen bones and joints and improve skin health. It is also completely safe to use during pregnancy.


Marine collagen powder: Marine variety of collagen comes from fish skin, and is used as another source of collagen. There is no research to suggest this type of collagen is more effective than bovine. This type of collagen is not recommended during pregnancy.


Bioactive collagen peptides: Bioactive collagen peptides are used to improve collagen metabolism and its absorption into your skin and body. These collagen peptides go through a process known as enzymatic hydrolysis, this process makes the peptides smaller and more capable of passing through the intestines – straight into the blood stream – then skin!


Now that you know what collagen can do for your skin and body, and how to choose the right type of collagen, you are ready to try one for yourself.


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