With pregnancy comes some unique challenges and one of those challenges includes working out what supplements you can and can’t take. Collagen is one supplement that some say you can, and some say you can’t. Let’s clear this up...


Bovine and porcine collagen are the only forms of collagen that are recommended to pregnant women. And since collagen plays a crucial role in fetal development, these collagen supplements give pregnant women a safe way to maintain a healthy collagen intake.


What’s the best collagen for pregnancy?

Women often find it difficult to eat collagen-rich foods due to food aversions during pregnancy. So, they turn towards collagen supplements to fulfill their body’s collagen needs.


However, concerned soon-to-be moms often ask, are collagen supplements safe to take during pregnancy? The short answer to this question is that while marine (from fish) collagen is not recommended for pregnant women, bovine (from a cow) or porcine (from a pig) collagen, on the other hand, is entirely safe. Further in the article we explain why.


So, as long as you are using a high-quality bovine collagen supplement during your pregnancy, you can expect a heap of benefits for your body and your baby’s development. This article explains all of them.


How collagen helps you and your little one during pregnancy?

As mentioned earlier, collagen is an essential protein when it comes to fetal development. On top of that, it also helps mums adjust to physical changes during pregnancy.


Since there is a lot of stretching and pulling going on both inside and outside your body during fetal development, pregnant women need collagen to maintain the elasticity required to support this.


So, by making sure you are taking collagen supplements in a bovine form, you can directly improve your child’s development and give your body the strength it needs to have a safe pregnancy.


How collagen supports your body during pregnancy?

Now that you know how collagen supports you and your child’s health during pregnancy, let’s dive deeper into the body to see what else it does:

Benefits for joints: As mentioned earlier, pregnancy brings about some extraordinary changes in your body. Your joints become loose to make room for the fetus as it grows. The most drastic transformation takes place in the joints present in the pelvic region. Since collagen is known to strengthen joints and ligaments, it can give your joints the support they need to cope with the changes.


Benefits for skin: Like your joints, your skin will also stretch to make room for your new family member. So, it becomes more important than ever to maintain skin elasticity during pregnancy. Collagen is proven to maintain skin elasticity by keeping it hydrated and boosting the skin regeneration process. So, you can rest assured that collagen supplements will help your skin keep up with the stretching that comes with pregnancy.


Benefits for hair and nails: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can take a toll on your hair and nails. It is not uncommon for the nails and hair of women to become brittle during pregnancy. Luckily bovine collagen supplements are known to help maintain healthy nails and hair. So, if you are worried about thinning hair and brittle nails during pregnancy, then collagen supplements are the way to go.



Are collagen supplements safe during pregnancy?

It is important to note that marine type collagen is obtained from fish skin, which can contain high amounts of mercury. So, experts suggest it is best to avoid marine collagen during pregnancy. On the other hand, bovine collagen supplements are derived from cows, making them safe to take during pregnancy.


So, when it comes to choosing a collagen supplement during pregnancy, as long as you choose bovine collagen supplements, you can rest assured that you won’t experience any adverse effects for yourself or your child. But as with all things during pregnancy it is best to check with your health practitioner before use.


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