Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body? It makes up more than 30% of the protein content in humans.


However, a lot of people are still not aware of what collagen is and what role it plays in muscle growth. If you are also someone who wants to know the benefits of collagen for muscle growth, then we suggest you keep reading.


Collagen is a major part of your muscles, and it helps in proper muscle development and growth.


Since collagen is present in different parts of your body and not just the muscles, collagen deficiency can affect your overall health.


As people are becoming more aware of the negative effects of collagen deficiency, we have seen a rise in demand for collagen supplements, especially for muscle growth.


How are muscle growth and collagen interlinked?

Before we jump into the benefits of collagen for muscle growth, it is best to understand the link between collagen and muscle growth.


While we have already explained that collagen is a major part of your body, especially the muscles, it doesn’t explain how it aids muscle growth.


If you are a healthy human being, your body should produce all the collagen it needs on its own. However, as we age, our bodies reduce collagen production. It is estimated that our body’s collagen production drops by 1.0%-1.5% a year after we pass our early adulthood.


Luckily, collagen supplements are highly effective in restoring the normal collagen levels in the body.


So by maintaining a regular collagen intake in the form of collagen supplements, you can keep your muscles healthy and prevent muscle loss.


Can collagen actually help your muscles grow bigger?

There is actual scientific research backing up the effectiveness of collagen in muscle growth. A study where 27 men with low muscle mass were given collagen supplements along with exercise showed that the men gained a significant amount of muscle mass.


On the other hand, men involved in the study who were not given collagen supplements didn’t show significant improvement in muscle mass.


Some studies suggest this muscle growth may be a result of creatine production (this helps your muscles produce energy), stimulated by collagen.


Studies have started to prove that collagen intake can have positive impacts on muscle growth. So if you are trying to grow your muscles, and you need just a bit of help along with regular endurance workouts, then boosting your collagen intake is all the help you need.


What are some benefits of collagen for muscle growth?

Collagen promotes muscle growth in a number of different ways. And without further ado, here are some real benefits of collagen for improving muscle mass:


Reduce recovery time: When you exercise, your muscles develop microscopic tears that your body needs time to repair. Healthy collagen levels ensure that the recovery period is short by speeding up the muscle repair process.


Increased muscle mass: As mentioned earlier, by improving your muscles’ ability to repair, collagen can also help with muscle growth, so if your goal is to increase muscle mass you should watch your collagen intake.


Improved strength: Last but not least collagen helps improve overall strength by increasing muscle mass and making your muscles denser.


If you had doubts about the effectiveness of collagen intake for your muscle growth, we hope this article has provided some answers.


We highly recommend experiencing these benefits for yourself by trying Active Collagen.

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