Collagen comes in many forms, but type I collagen is the most abundant and what is most present in your hair, skin and nails. So when your hair, skin, or nails start developing issues, chances are your body lacks collagen that holds these structures together. Learn how collagen can help solve your hair, skin and nail problems.


The most obvious step to fulfill your body’s collagen needs would be to increase your collagen intake. But how do you get those collagen levels back up to a healthy range as quickly as possible?

Collagen supplements provide a solution and are a great option when it comes to restoring the natural elasticity, moisture, strength, and density of your skin, hair, and nails


However, many women are still not sure exactly how collagen supplements can help them restore their nails, skin, and hair health. If you have been scratching your head (quite literally) on how a side-effect-free collagen supplement can do all these wonders for your body, then you aren’t alone. Many women find themselves asking this question when they first hear about collagen supplements, and we suggest you keep reading to find the answers.


What role does collagen play for your hair skin, and nails?

As mentioned earlier, collagen is present in all the major structures of your body. So naturally, it plays a key role in maintaining and repairing your skin, hair, and nails throughout your lifespan. With that said, here is how collagen is essential for the health of your key body structures:

Importance for hair: Collagen plays a vital role in strengthening and maintaining the appearance of your hair. Collagen supports hair growth by:

Importance for nails: Collagen has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your nails. It supports your nails by:

  • Helping keratin production, which in turn makes the nails stronger.
  • Helping in the restoration of brittle nails.
  • Speeding up the nail repair process.

Importance for skin: Collagen and skin health go hand in hand, with collagen making up to 75% of the skin’s dry weight. Collagen helps maintain healthy skin by:

  • Fighting signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines caused by reduced collagen production.
  • Repairing and healing the skin when damaged.
  • Locking in skin moisture making it appear more plump and hydrated.



What benefits do collagen supplements have for skin, hair and nails? Here’s some research

Now that you know what role collagen plays in keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy, let’s quickly go through, and help you better understand the benefits you can expect when using a high-quality collagen supplements:


Benefits for nails: As mentioned earlier, collagen improves keratin synthesis in the human body. Collagen supplies amino acids to your body which are used for keratin production. Since your nails are practically made of keratin, by getting a healthy dose of collagen daily, you are giving your nails much-needed nutrition. One study confirmed using Bioactive collagen peptides promoted a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails with up to 80% of participants agreeing collagen improved their nails. 

Benefits for skin: Collagen helps fight wrinkles and fine lines. With age, levels of collagen found in the deeper layers of the skin decline; collagen supplements help replenish the collagen in the skin to make it appear more youthful. Studies confirm collagen supplementation can help improve skin hydration, elasticity, texture and density after 3 months of use without any side effects. 


Benefits for hair: Similar to nails, your hair is made up of keratin. Collagen supplements help provide essential amino acids needed to help build that keratin. Collagen also helps maintain strong dermal structures that hold and support your hair follicles. Together this helps maintain strong hair and prevents hair loss.


If you had questions about how collagen supplements can benefit your skin, hair, and nails, we hope they have been answered after reading this article.


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